Press Kit - Ready, Aim, Splat!Ready, Aim, Splat!

Press Kit


Not Again!
The undead are back and this time they want your vegetables!
Well, if they want 'em, give it to them. In the only humane way possible....
A ripe juicy tomato to the face! Ha!
Not only that, but pumpkins, watermelons and much more.
Even your ever loving feline companions are willing to put their paws up and pounce.
So stop them now!
For the love of all that is ripe.
It's time to...
Ready, Aim, Splat!

A vegetable slinging simulator for the end of the world....

Hero Art 3000 x 900

How are you going to protect yourself against zombie hordes when all of your guns, knives and bats have gone mysteriously missing? With the power of your rainbow slingshot and any item that comes to hand be it a tomato, pumpkin, or err… adorable kitten.

Blue Volcano Studios is excited to announce the release of 2017’s most comically engrossing virtual reality game, Ready, Aim, Splat!, available in January on Friday the 13th. Ready, Aim, Splat! will be available for major VR platforms Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and for sale on the Steam store, Oculus store, Humble Bundle and Viveport. The game will be available for USD$11.99 (AUD$13.99).

Ready, Aim, Splat! was designed to bring a 100% original take to the virtual reality market utilising some of the most popular current game trends including slingshot action, tower defence strategy, colourful 3D graphics of fruit, animals and zombies. Elements are borrowed from other popular and easily recognisable games like Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies and Fruit Ninja, but Ready, Aim, Splat! improves on these games with an immersive environment thanks to the first person view and gameplay through the eyes of the defender. The resulting combination is a fun, endlessly playable game that’s accessible to all levels and ages of gamers.


  • Unique first person slingshot action
  • Eight power ups to help you on your quest
  • Over 40 goodies to unlock
  • Six distinctive camera filters to give you that perfect look to the end of the world
  • Quick pick up and play for players of all experience levels
  • Zombies with personality.... Do you really want to splat them?
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Free post-release updates, pay once - that’s a Blue Volcano promise



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